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Short Chazaras Hashatz


In many yeshivos by mincha they don’t do the regular chazaras hashatz rather the chazzan starts out loud right away until the end of kedusha and then he continues on quietly and everybody else starts their silent shemona esrei. I always wondered how they can do this as it seems from the mechaber that it is bedieved to do this. Therefore I recently started looking into it and found that in the footnotes of the sefer Emes L’yaakov (siman 124) it says that someone heard from R’ Yaakov Kamenetzky that the reason they do this method in Yeshivos is because chazaras hashatz was only established in the beginning for places that have amei ha’aretz, and therefore in yeshivos there was no takanah from the beginning to do a full chazaras hashatz. However, I don’t understand what R’ Yaakov meant because the mechaber says explicitly (O.C. 124:3) that even where they all know how to daven the chazzan must do chazaras hashatz because there was a takanas chachamim which would seem to be not like what R’ Yaakov said? Also, the Levush says (O.C. 124:9) that the reason for that mechaber is because they instituted chazaras hashatz in every place whether there are amei ha’aretz there or not, and this is also brought in the mishna berura in seif katan 12, so how did R’ Yaakov say that there was no takanah to begin with in these types of places, the mechaber and the levush seem to say clearly not like that?
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This practice is doe extensively in Lakewood and they say itis from R’ Aharon. I don’t understand it. If you want you can try the poskim in Lakewood and ask them for an answer.

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  1. Rabbi Forcheimer wrotes a teshuva explaining this minhag in his recent sefer Orach Yaakov in the 38 teshuva.

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