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Checking asparagus


If I cut off, and do not use, the tips of asparagus, can I cook and eat the stalks? Is there a way to check the tips so they can be eaten too? Thank you.



The place that the insects hide in the asparagus in under the leaves on the top and also the ones on the sides of it. Regarding the triangle leaves on the sides, they would have to be pulled back, so you can check underneath them. Alternatively, if they are blanched, it will help for the sparse leaves on the side to bend so you can check under them. Regarding the top leaves, you will not be able to check them without them falling off. Therefore the best thing is to cut them off, and although you won’t be serving the sticks in all their glory, at least they will be missing the bugs!  Another option is to simply peal the asparagus, and then it can be served.

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