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Bracha on parts secondary to fruit



1) What Bracha would one make on the green leaves that grow above ground from a carrot or beet (when prepared in a tasty way)? Is it considered secondary to the root – carrot or beet, and the Bracha shehakol ?
2) When my wife cooks small squashes, she removes the seeds first and roasts them. Would they be considered secondary and the Bracha shehakol (when eaten alone)?



  1. The bracha on these leaves would be shehakol, as you write, because they are only a secondary part of the vegetable.
  2. Regarding the zucchini seeds, they would be hoadomo. The reason is because it is the norm to eat the seeds of zucchini together with the vegetable. The fact that you decided to separate them and eat them separately, will not make the seeds into a secondary part of the vegetable. Therefore, it maintains its original bracha.

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M:B 204-18, Shar Hatzion 202- 41, Sharei Habracha chap 23 ftnt. 59, poskim.


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