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Premarital relations


A widow, who is frum, was alone for a long time. She wanted contact, and had a one-time intercourse with a man. She is sorry about what happened. I have 3 questions: 1) What are the halachic ramifications for her? Which mitzvot was she over? 2) The widow now wants to get remarried to a different man. Are there any ramifications for the widow and her new potential husband, considering what she did? 3) What questions should the potential new husband be asking, besides 1 and 2?



This was a big hard nisayon. Unfortunately, in her spell of weakness she was over on the actual having the relationship, which is controversial if it was assur min hatorah or m’drabonon. Worse than that was if she was a niddah (didn’t go to the mikva since her last period) at the time which was an issur kares.

Regarding ramifications for her future husband, if he is a kohen then there would be ramifications if she was together with a gentile, a family member, or a mamzer. Other than that the husband would want to know if indeed she is committed to keeping the laws of family purity properly.


Shulchan Aruch E:H 6-8, Pischei Teshuva E:H 115-12, Y:D 185-2.


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