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Static guard on Shabbos


Is it permissible to spray “static guard” onto clothes on shabbos? Is it permissible to put water on clothes for the purpose of reducing static cling?

Thank you!


There are two potential issues with using static guard on clothing on Shabbos. If the clothing is not wearable because it is sticking so badly, (even if the reason is because now it isn’t tznius), then using the static guard is considered fixing it on shabbos and problematic.

The second issue is if the static guard has a scent. Then it may not be sprayed onto one’s clothing on Shabbos because it is scenting the clothing, which is milod reicha( creating a scent in the clothing) , and not something we do on Shabbos. Putting water directly onto one’s clothing if it will make the clothing wet is also an issue of melabain. For this issue there is however an option, lightly wet your hands then brush them over the surface of your clothing to reduce the static cling.

Have a good Shabbos


סי’ תרנ”ח סעי’ ב’, “ואסור לסחוף כוס מבושם על הבגדים, משום דמוליד בהן ריחא” מ”ב (סי’ תרנ”ח ס”ק ז’, “דמוליד ריחא. בבגד והוי כתיקון מנא”, מ”ב ס’ שכב” ס”ק י”ח

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