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Is there any downside/reason not to agree to be a Yissachar or Zevulun?


My specific question is: IF it is written clearly in the contract that
1. the “Yissachar” only agrees on condition that he will not lose anything,
2. and the “Zevulun” only agrees to pay 100 shekels a day, (even though his income and the other’s expenses are far greater)… is there ANY downside for EITHER party?
I’m thinking that the 100 shekels a day will surely help the learner…and the zechus of helping the learning will surely help the supporter.
Thank you for getting back to me soon…ideally today, as this is l’maaseh, and not theoretical. The other side is insisting on a signed contract per month, with no obligation after the month is over…but with the understanding that we would likely sign for another month. The whole contract thing is making me somewhat hesitant, which is why I found and read your excellent article on Yissachar/Zevulun relationships, and why I’m now asking this question. Thank you so much for your help.



Although there is controversy about this, when Yissachar signs the agreement, he is doing so because he knows that there are many poskim, as mentioned in the article. Additionally, see sources that R’ Shach zt”l (Michtavim U’mamorim 3 pg. 75-76 – see sources) who encouraged people to make Yissachar Zevulun deals, and he writes that the Yissachar should not be afraid of losing any schar. The Chida (Rosh Dovid- Parshas Mishpotim), Ohr Hachaim (Shemos 30-13), Hafla’ah ( Pischa Aiera to Meseches Kesubos 43), Chidushei Ha’rim on Y:D 246, R’ Osher Weiss Shlit”a (Minchas Osher-2 siman 58-5). The Steipler and the Tchebiener Rov zt”l are both quoted as saying that the Yissachar doesn’t lose out. The Chofetz Chaim in Ahaves Chesed (20-4) encourages the idea of Yissachar U’Zevulun from the gemoras.  These gedolim are more than enough to rely on, that the Yissachar will not lose anything.

On the other hand, if the Yissachar has a source of parnassa and he doesn’t need the exrtra support, he shouldn’t make the deal, because he doesn’t need the support, and why should he make any inferences of giving away any schar (See Avkas Rochel 2, Meishiv Davar 3-14,). Unless the extra support will cause him to learn more (Psakim U’teshuvos 246-12).

The Zevulun has to know that the amount of schar that he will get is consummate to the amount that he gives the Yissachar, and if the Yissachar is only partially supported by the Zevulun, then the Zevulun will only get a part of Yissachar’s torah according to the percentage that he gave him. (See Chaim Shaal (Chida) 2- 38-44, Minchas Yitzchok 6-100, 7-87(3). Shevet Halevi 10-13. The Zevjlun will only get schar for the amount and time that he supported the Yissachar.

Other than that, the Zevulun definitely has no downside… for him it is the deal of a lifetime. For a little money he is getting a tremendous part in olam haba. An investment that will give him the best dividends forever! It is guaranteed better than the FDIC, it gives unending dividends, and the rate of return for the investment, is over a million percent! (In truth, even if it wouldn’t be a Yissachar Zevulun, supporting Torah is the best investment one can make with his money- eternal dividends… much better than S.S.!).

Best wishes for everyone.



בס”ד יום ו’ עער”ק בחוקתי כ”ג אייר ל”ת למבנ”י תשל”ג בני ברק

למע”כ ידידי חביבי יקר יקרים הרה”ג חו”ב וכו’ מוהר”ר שיחי’ שלו’ וברכה לך ולכל המשפחה הכבודה שיחי’

בדבר השאלה אם נכון לעשות שותפות כמו יששכר וזבולון עם נדיב אחד שרוצה לעשות אתו כזה עיין בספר אבן האזל לדודי הגאון ר’ איסר זלמן מלצר זצוק”ל בהקדמה לחלק שלישי הלכות מכירה שהוא עשה כן עם נדיב אחד ומביא מה שכתב הבר”ח מואלאזין בכתר ראש ס’ ס”ד הודפס בסידור הגר”א שמותר ואדרבא אם אינו רוצה בזה אין זו מדה טובה ע”ש ועל כן יעשה זאת בלי שום חשש ופקפוק ויגיד לאשתו בשמי שאין לה לחשוש ובודאי יגרום זה ליותר לימוד במנוחה ובכלל לא שייך דברים אלו שיתמעט שכרו בעוה”ב עבור זה כי שכר הלומד תורה הוא נצחי בלי גבול ויגדיל תורה ויאדיר והנני מברכו בכל הטוב ויהי’ לו הרבה נחת מהילדים

מנאי ידידו המוקירו

אלעזר מנחם מן שך


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