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Which Apartment?


We recently moved to a new city. The apartment we wanted to rent needed repairs and we were not given a time when it would be ready. Therefore, we tried to rent something as a temporary. The manager of the apartment (Jewish) told us he would give us a good deal on condition that we stay in the apartment a full six months and don’t break our contract. However, a few days before we were set to move in, they discovered that the apartment needed a few things fixed. We moved in with relatives because they told us it would be ready in a few days, but they keep pushing it off and did not even give us a contract to sign because they can’t give us a move in date. Now, the first apartment that we really wanted got back to us and told us that it is ready. Are we obligated to wait for the second temporary apartment and use it for six months or can we just go to the first apartment? Thank you!


A question of such a nature cannot be fully answered unless both sides present their side of the story. However if we will base things solely on what you are saying and the other person agrees to everything said, it would seem that you can take the first apartment. The reason being because the second apartment did not provide you with anything, and you did not yet sign the contract, and instead of giving you the apartment immediately, as was originally understood. Therefore you are not obligated by what was spoken out. However again, this is not a final decision since the other side didn’t present their angle on the story.

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