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Saris adam


I understand that according to Halacha, a saris adam is forbidden to marry a woman (except for a convert) or, if he is already married, he is required to divorce his wife. I have read that during the Holocaust, Nazi doctors sometimes were mesares Jewish concentration camp prisoners. Would such Jewish victims of the Nazi Y”S be forbidden to marry or be required to divorce their wives if they were already married?



This is a very sad and unfortunate question, and it is something that the big poskim had to deal with in the previous generation. It is not something that someone on my level can deal with. See the sources if you want to look into this further.

May Hashem avenge the blood of all the unfortunate victims of the Nazi atrocities.


שו”ת חלקת יעקב אבן העזר סימן ל, שבט מיהודה – שער רביעי סי’ י”ז.


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  1. Thank you for your answer. Is it possible to view the sources you recommend online?

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