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Catalyzed Tzadakah Giving–


If I am getting a goy to donate money to Jewish causes i.e. a kollel, a almana, Chabad etc, money that would not go to those causes without my request, that would not otherwise get there can I take that money I facilitated as if its my personal tzedakah and do I not have to give tzedakah then up to the amount raised? If my income is say 30000 a year and I get them to donate 3000 is my 10% maaser covered? Or is it a mitzvah but nothing to do with my maaser?

Separate but related, if indeed catalyzed giving counts as if you gave maaser the ad blei dai bracha that comes from maaser would come from this or it only is from your own


Thank you for your question.

Being a catalyst is a great thing and a big mitzva, but it will not suffice for the obligation to give the tzedakah from one’s earnings. It happens to be that the gemora says that a person who gets others to give tzedakah has a bigger mitzva that the person who is actually giving the money, therefore you will surely get rewarded for getting others to give tzedakah to poor people etc. Exactly what the reward will be I don’t know, but rest assured that Hashem pays very well for tzedakah, and you will be duly rewarded for helping the organization, etc. The Talmud says dos say that a person that gets others to give tzedakah, among the rewards is peace, a commodity that is very needed nowadays.

Best wishes, and Hashem should send you ample parnossa for you and you whole family.



ב”ב ט. “אמר רבי אלעזר גדול המעשה יותר מן העושה שנאמר והיה מעשה הצדקה שלום ועבודת הצדקה השקט ובטח עד עולם” . וע’ מהר”ל חידושי אגדות ומהרש”א. וע’ בס’ באורח צדקה פ’ ט”ז סע’ כ”ג שמביא כמה טעמים למה גדול המעשה יותר מן העושה. ואגב כל זה בלי ליכנס לענין אם יקבלו כסף צדקה מגוי ע’ יו”ד ס’ רנ”ד סע’ א’.


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