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Shlomo Hamelech`s Dream


I know this is not really the forum for this question but I still would appreciate if you could explain how Shlomo Hamelech`s dream in Melochim A (Perek 3) in which he was praised and rewarded for asking for Chochmoh, whist it is well known that Torah received without toil is of little benefit. The story of the Vilnaer Gaon sz`l in which he refused Torah from the Maggid is well known, with the clear understanding that only Torah achieved from toil is of value. How do the Pessukim (see possuk 10) in Melochim make sense? Many thanks



Thank you for your question.

You are asking an interesting question. It seems that Shlomo Hamelech was not specifically asking for chochmas haTorah and understanding specifically in learning. He asked for an understanding heart with which to be able to judge and lead Klal Yisroel properly. The Radak on this 3-12 says that Shlomo was given depth of understanding, so that when he would learn something, he would be able to apply it to other things. Additionally, he was given wisdom of the world. Besides, Shlomo Hamelech stated clearly that he needed the siyata dishmaya to be able to understand deeply, because he needed to judge Klal Yisroel. In general, for the perfection of a person’s neshoma, it is toil in Torah that will give it to him, and not by getting a lot of torah knowledge as a present. However, in Shlomo’s situation he needed the knowledge in order to lead the nation correctly.

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