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Paying interest on unpaid taxes to the IRS



I received a notice from the IRS that I didn’t pay my taxes for 2020 in full (apparently, I didn’t pay a balance of about $170). About a month later, after not having paid that amount, they increased the amount to $172. This is because they charge interest on a daily basis on the unpaid amount. Am I allowed to pay this without any issues?
I would consider disputing the interest if not, since I have other grounds to do so.

Thank you in advance!



Thank you for your question.

It is not a problem to pay the IRS the interest that they are charging you. Ribis is only when it is from one Jew to another Jew but not when the interest is being paid to a non-Jew.

Best wishes


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  1. Why are they non jewish. i am jewish and live in the usa

    1. The US government is not included in the prohibition of not paying interest to them.

  2. WHAT i mean to ask is that in a democracy the country is owned by the citizens. there are citizens who are jewish , so therefor a there is percent of jewish ownership

    1. The country is not owned by its citizens, rather by no one, and it is run by those elected. The only cou8ntry perhaps that is owned by its citizens is Israel, because the Jews have it as an inheritance from their parents, ands grandparents all the way back to the time of Yehoshua. However just because I become an American citizen, doesn’t give me any ownership in the land. etc.

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