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Tallis Katan – two questions about it.


To the Rabbonim of Din Online:

I have two questions, pertaining to Tzitzit:

Can the Tallis Katan – Tzitzit be washed in laundry – laundromat? Or it should be only hand washed?
If there appeared a small hole in Tallis can it be patched up?

Shabbat Shalom! Shavuot Sameah!
Ba kavod rav,



  1. Tzitzis can be washed in a washing machine, and there is no essentially problem doing so. However, from a practical angle, care has to be taken that the tzitzis do not become posuk, as the agitating of the machine and the water can cause the strings to weaken, and rip. There are a number of options that people do. Either they put the strings into a sock, etc. to keep the strings together. Some people buy a special holder for the strings. Whatever method is done, the issue is a practical one not a halachic one.
  2. A small hole in the garment of the tallis (not near the hole of the strings), may be patched up.

Best wishes

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  1. Very understandable and comprehensive! Thank You very much!
    Shavua Tov!
    Ba kavod rav,
    Pinkhas Frizen

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