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lashon hara


Kavod haRav,
I am in the process of trying to learn more about kosher cooking and kosher meat. I was in a kosher supermarket and asked a lady near me if it was ok that there was red liquid near some of the cut meat. I said that I don’t know cooking, indicating that I was trying to learn. She graciously answered that it’s fine. I said it’s not lashon hara, I have only good things to say about the meat and the store, I’m just trying to learn. She indicated that she did not take it in anyway as lashon hara, that I was trying to learn and we parted with good wishes. My question is: can a question such as this one ever be considered lashon hara? There is no bad intent, the person is trying to clarify halacha, and they emphasize that it is not said in a negative way. Am I missing any angle that this could be lashon hara?
Thank you sincerely.




This is not lashon hora, you are not intending to speak bad about the meat or the store, rather you ae inquiring if the meat is kosher or not. A person is allowed to inquire before they purchase something if it is of good quality etc., and it is not lashon hora, rather l’toeles, (for a constructive purpose) and permitted.

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