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Yichud in a room with a window


Hello Rabbi would it constitute yichud to be in a woman doctor’s office with a closed door, if the office has a window but it is located on a sixth floor? Thank you very much




Without getting into the fact that someone might be able to come in through the door (when such a heter would be applicable), a window in itself can only block yichud if it is reasonable that someone can see them in there. If there isn’t another building that has a window that is that high, and close enough that someone looking out from it can see inside the room, the window of the room they are in does not prevent yichud. Additionally if the window has a curtain or blinds, they would have to be open, so that practically someone can see inside.

If there is someone in the waiting room or a nurse who would feel free to come inside during the visit, that would prevent yichud, and according to R’ Moshe Feinstein zt”l if there are other patients waiting in the waiting room, that would also prevent yichud.

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