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Kli for netilat yadayim


Hi Rabbi
I learnt that one must use a proper kli with a proper rim for netilat yeadayim. I have been using a glass jar that used to contain food (which I bought from the supermarket). I prefer using glass because it’s easier to clean and more hygienic than plastic. The rim of the jar is smooth but it contains ridges (that are used to screw on the metal cap). Is that kosher l’chatchila to use for netilat yadayim?
Thank you and Shana Tova




The idea that a vessel used for netilas yodayim should have a proper rim, is because if the rim is broken, then we can only pour out of the lower part of the rim. From what you are describing, Glass jars that we get from stores, although they have ridges on the side of the top, the actual top of the jar is smooth. Therefore there is no problem using such a jar as long as the rim is not very thin.

Best wishes


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