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Rosh Hashanah questions regarding food



  1. Can one do laundry Sunday before Rosh Hashanah or is that Rosh Chodesh?
  2. Can one eat hummus with vinegar in it on Rosh Hashana itself–even if avoid vinegar in vinegar on Rosh Hashana?
  3. When does one make kiddush during the upcoming holidays?
  4. What must be done between eating dairy and meat for Ashkenazi Jews? Wait? brush teeth? eat pareve?
  5. What about dairy and fish?
  6. Meat and fish?

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  1. Erev Rosh Hashana is not Rosh Chodesh, therefore that is not an issue. There is a preference though, when possible to do laundry before Erev Yom Tov, however when needed it is permitted.
  2. The hummus does not have a sour taste of vinegar, therefore it is not a problem to eat it on Rosh Hashana.
  3. Most people make kiddush after davening Shacharis, before shofar blowing. For men it is preferable to wait until after Mussaf, (if they can handle this). Women do not have to wait until then, as they don’t have the biblical obligation to hear shofar. Although they do hear the shofar, they may eat before hearing it.
  4. Between eating milk and meat, we have to wash our mouth out with a liquid, and et some solid food to wipe it out, and wash our hands, to get rid of any residue of milk that might be on our hands. Some people have a minhag to wait half an hour, however whoever doesn’t have such a minhag does not have to wait at all.
  5. The Ashkenazi minhag is to permit eating fish together with milk, such as a tuna casserole.
  6. Between meat and fish we rinse and wipe our mouth out, and some people wash their hands.

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