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Geneivas Daas


Is it okay to do geneivas daas, when the other person is faulty? In the beginning of the year, my teacher gave out a list of books that we could write essays on (she did write down any of the authors names.) I chose one of the books, called Invisible Man, read it, wrote the essay, and handed it in. The next day she told me that I confused two books- Invisible Man with The Invisible Man, and that I wrote my essay on the wrong book. However, I wrote it on Invisible Man which was on the list of books that she gave to us. When i showed it to her, she said that she thinks told us in the beginning of the year that although she wrote Invisible Man on the list, she really meant The Invisible Man. However, she made this mistake, and I confirmed with classmates that she really never mentioned it. She then said there’s no discussion and I have to read another book and write a new essay. Am I allowed to now give in my friends essay on a random book (for example to kill a mocking bird,) and just change the name on top of the paper to my own? I put in the work and wrote an essay, and my teacher is the one who made the mistake, but won’t own up to it, can you give me a clear answer if i can use someone else’s essay or not?
thank you! have a chasima vachasiva tova!



This is a tough situation. Although according to the list, and what your friends said, it seems that your teacher is wrong, nevertheless two wrong don’t make a right. On your part you can’t fool her into thinking that you read the other book and wrote a report on it. Although it is difficult for you, read the other book, and do the report again, but bear in mind that Hashem will reward you for being honest, even though in your eyes the teacher is wrong.

Yackov Aveinu, had to deal with Lavan changing his wage 100 times, however on his part he made sure to stay honest. As a reward for this he was given tremendous wealth.  Even though you feel that your teacher is wrong, stay honest, and it will be well worth your while. (Aside from practicing being honest, which is a great lesson for life).

Have a gmar chasina tova


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