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Teshuva for negative thoughts


Kavod haRav,
Thank you for your help.
I am actively working on correcting anger, davening and reading about how to go about it. Recently, I had a situation where I was triggered, and although I did teshuva on the same day and apologized to the person and they said they forgave me, I am seeking clarification on something that has been troubling me. When I was triggered by anger, I had not nice thoughts towards the person, that certain not nice things should happen to them. I completely regret these thoughts and would never want them to be hurt at all, ever. It really was the frustration, hurt and anger “talking” (or really thinking, because I did not say these negative thoughts out loud to them). Several minutes after thinking these thoughts, I did teshuva for my anger, and for any sins I committed in this interaction. My question is, since I did teshuva, and I REALLY do not want anything bad to ever happen to this person, could my bad thoughts cause this person any harm? (Since then, I also blessed this person in ways that were basically the opposite of the negative thoughts I had…) Is there anything else I need to do to erase this mistake? Any guidance is sincerely appreciated. Thank you



What you did was fine. We are humans, and humans do get angry occasionally. even though you did get angry, you controlled yourself. You got angry, but you did teshuva for it. It is good that you ae working on conroling your anger. OIther than that It sounds great.

Keep up the great work

All the best

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