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Clean clothes for davening


How clean should a woman’s clothes be before she begins to daven? Should she clean off any spots from her clothes before she starts to daven?




If possible, a person’s clothing should be clean before they daven, as davening is standing before the king of kings. If your dress has some very noticeable spots on it, if you can clean them off that is great. The gemora says, that a worker that wears dirty clothing while he works should preferably change into respectable clothing, as the gemora says, “The clothes that a servant uses to cook his master’s meal, he doesn’t use when he serves it to him”.

On the other hand, though, you do have to be careful, not to get OCD about this, and not to turn this into an issue.

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שבת קי”ד. שו”ע ס’ צ”א סע’ ה’ לא יעמוד באפונדתו, ולכאורה ה”ה בזה שאינו דרך כבוד לעמוד פני אדם חשוב כך. וע’ כה”ח ס’ צ”ח אות כ”ט  מיפה ללב ח”ב ס’ ד’, וכן אשי ישראל פ”י סע’ ה’.


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