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Maaser to Rosh Kollel


Kavod HaRav,

I am a Gabbai for Adopt A Kollel in a shul in New Jersey. Recently our Rosh Kollel came to USA to join us for Shabbos to strengthen the relationship so as the Bale Batim would continue their pledges or increase them. This was his only reason to come to USA. Although he didnt ask for money I gave home $1,000 to pay for his plane trip. My question is if this money can be taken from masser.

Thank you.




Yes you can take this from maaser. This is part of the Kollel’s expenses in their effort to raise money to support the learning of torah. He didn’t ask for money because he is smart about what he asks for and would rather that the donators want to give on their own, than him having to ask them formally for money. Nevertheless, it is still supporting the kollel, and maaser money can be used for this. Besides the Rosh Kollel most probably is eligible to receive tzedakah, so from all angles you can use maaser for this.

Tizku L’mitzvos!



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