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OCD in the Kitchen


This is a follow up question contained in this link:

Unfortunately, my OCD continues to be triggered by kashrut issues. Since the weekend, I have had persistent doubt that some food heated in the oven was not kosher. Again, my wife who bought and prepared the food assures me it was and I was able to examine the package in the recycle bin that she said it came from. These are not rational thoughts but it is part of my condition. As you can imagine, this causes me considerable anxiety and I want to know if the Halacha for someone in my situation should be to always accept the assurances of someone else that things are kosher. I suppose the alternative would be to re-kosher the oven. It is helpful for me to have an expert opinion.




The halacha for someone in your situation is the same as for everyone else. We say “eid echad ne’eman b’isorin”, that regarding kashrus, (nida and other areas) if one’s wife says that the food is kosher there is no need for him to doubt what she told him. This includes what she says that the food that was bought has the appropriate hechsherim etc. This is especially true in your situation where you know that it is just a bunch of nerves. If the torah says that it is kosher, you don’t need much more than that. It would be healthy for you to go against your OCD and trust what she says, without looking in the garbage etc. Just simply trust her.

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