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Using Men’s Mikveh with diabetic sensor


Dear Rabbi,

I have yet not tried but lately am not using Mikeh as often.

I have now a prescribed device that sits on the back of my arm, about a candid little larger than a quarter. On top is a cellophane protection that measures about 2 1/2 inches and is circular.

I have once used the mikveh and forgotten to remove a 1 1/2 inch nicotine patch. It felt just lightly limited but I knew I was Tahor when I left.

The sensor stays on my arm a hopeful 2 weeks at a time. I may be willing to remove the cellophane but the 1 1/4 inch sensor I hope not to remove.

Are there different views or can I use the mikveh assuming it will still a hope make the health Tahoe?




You can use the mikva, with the sensor and patch that you need. This is definitely the case regarding men’s immersing in the mikva.

Best wishes


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