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Washing hands for davening


I understand that if a person is davening and he touches his shoes then he needs to wash his hands before continuing to daven. What about if he touches the floor? For example, a pen or piece of paper fell on the floor and he wants to pick it up but then his fingers will probably touch the floor – will he need to wash his hands again before he continues davening?




A person that touches the floor does not have to wash his hands afterwards. If his hands are now physically dirty, but there is no tumah, therefore you can preferably wash them with a little water or even wiping them off on a towel or anything else is also acceptable. However most of the time when a person touches the floor his hands are not really dirty, therefore there is no need to do anything, just continue davening, and there is no need for any concern.

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פמ”ג או”ח ס’ ד’ מש”ז אות ט”ו וז”ל, “שני מיני לכלוך יש. אחד בזוהמא במקומות המטונפין ואותן דברים המצויינין כאן סעיף י”ח וזה בעינן דווקא מים שדוח רעה שורה, אע”ג דלק”ש ותפלה אם אין לו די בעפר, ולדברי תודה ולברכות לכתתלה נמי עפר. אבל לכלוך בטיט ורפש דבר שאין מאוס וזוהמא לית בה משום רוח דעה ודי לדבדי תורה ולברכות לכתהלה עפר ומידי דמנקה ולק”ש ותפלה צריך לכתתלה מים ודיעבד סגי נקיון”


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