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Putting aside maaser money for children’s weddings


I saw this was touched upon in previous answers, but I would like to clarify. We have three daughters in shidduchim, and unfortunately nothing in savings, as tuition and regular expenses uses up all of our salaries. Additionally, we don’t even quite make enough monthly to cover everything. Can we set aside 100% of our monthly maaser to go towards a wedding fund for our children? We have even fallen behind in maaser as we just had nothing left to give after our monthly expenses were paid. If we don’t do this, we will surely have to take out gemach loans as we have done in the past. I know that maaser is supposed to be used for the poor, that is why I would like clarification. Please do not use my name. Thank you.




You may separate maaser and then put it into your own chasuna savings. This is because you aren’t making enough money really be obligated to give maaser. It is good to separate it, but you may then give it to yourself.

You should be zoche to marry off all of your children soon.


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  1. You can also give it to a Gemach to be lent out until you need it.

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