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Halacha of grapeleaves


Dear Rabbi,

Could the bracha over grape leaves be more than shechol? I eat a stuffed grapeleaf with rice. Mentioning the vine would not suffice since it is not the fruit of the vine. I am wary to say adama. But if the product is of the earth, am I not at the right bracha?




You are very right! In general, the bracha on grape leaves is shehakol, since the vine was not planted for its leaves, rather for its grapes. Therefore, it isn’t even considered a “side fruit” and the bracha is shehakol.

It should be noted, that this only applies if you eat the plain leaves. However, if you are eating with the rice or stuffed with meat, the rice and meat will be the “ikar” (main food) and the leaves are considered a side food or condiment, and we wouldn’t say a bracha on it. The bracha on the rice will include the leaves.

Another important point is that grape leaves, are often infested with bugs, and they should be checked carefully before eating them. If the stuffed vine leaves come ready made, this factor should be included in the certification that the Rabbinical supervising agency gives.


כ”כ בס’ וזאת הברכה בלוח ברכות. וכ”פ בס’ פני השלחן לוח מילי דברכות, וכן בס’ שערי הברכה פכ”ג ערך עלי גפן.


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