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Business credit card


There is a business credit card (Chase Ink) that is popular now even for people without a businesses. Technically , it is only allowed to be used for business expenses, not personal and household expenses. And when applying, you need to certify that you will only use it as such. But it seems that many non business owners have gotten this card, and do use it for personal expenses, without a problem. It seems the company is not so makpid on this. Is it mutar to apply for such a card, intending to use it for personal expenses, if you need to certify that you won’t? (I’ll add that after spending a certain amount of money within a few months, the card company gives you a significant number of miles/points – is that an issue, that you’re receiving them based on a false premise?).



Answer from Horav Yosef Fleishman Shlit”a-

I don’t see why it should not be geneivas da’as.

All the best

Yosef Fleischman

As a side point it also seems to be lying as the person is saying that they will only use it for business purposes.

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