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Kashering kli that became assur with kavush


If a parve kli had cold chicken soup poured into it, and the chicken soup was sitting there for a week and made the kli fleishig with kavush, and I want to kasher it to be parve, do I need to spill out the soup and then wait 24 hours to kasher, and or can I spill it out and kasher it right away?




He same way we say that when food is cooking on the fire that it gets taste all the time until it is removed from the fire, and we don’t say that the cooking only happens the first minute, the same is with kavush. If it was there for longer than 24 hours, each second it is still marinating, and getting taste. Therefore, we would wait 24 from when the food was removed from the container before koshering it… if it is possible to kasher it.

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