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Dogs in kosher kitchen


Unfortunately, my wife has dogs who get into the kitchen from time-to-time. While she thinks very little about it, it bothers me considerably especially because I have OCD around kashrut issues. In any event, earlier she left one of our cupboards where we keep our diary pots open while she left the room. It was a lower cupboard, so it would have been accessible to the dogs. So I guess I have two (2) questions:

1. In this specific situation where the dogs could have gotten into the cupboard (touched pots with their snouts, mouths, and paws) but nobody actually saw them do that are there any potential concerns (ie. should we wash the pots as a precaution).

2. More broadly, is the issue of dogs in the kitchen (if they touch pots with their snouts, mouths, and paws) a potential kashrut issue at all? Most of my aversion to it comes from my OCD thoughts about contamination so it’s possible I’m over reacting.

In both questions, the principal concern is their food, like most dog foods, is not certified kosher.



I understand your concern with having dogs roam around your kitchen. Personally, I would be more concerned with hygiene, and overall cleanliness. Regarding kashrus, I would not be too concerned, first of all we don’t know that there indeed was anything trief on their snouts, paws etc., we also don’t know that the dog actually touched any of your pots. Additionally, even if there would have been, a minute amount, on their paws, which did get on to a pot in the kitchen, that minutes amount would be botil, and would not be a concern.
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