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Leining Lessons


I teach boys Bar Mitzvah leining and charge per session. I had this boy whom after a few sessions I realised I just wasn’t going to get there with him. He wasn’t doing his practice at home, whenever I tried to correct him during the sessions he argued that he had said it right etc. etc. I advised the father that I don’t feel I am the right teacher for him and suggested someone else with more experience with this type of boy. I then sent the father an invoice for the sessions we had done. The father argued that he doesn’t have to pay since I didn’t do the job he requested (i.e. teach his son his Bar Mitzva parsha) he said “If I would call an electrician to fix my light and he tries for 3 hours and then gives up saying “it is too difficult, call someone else”, would you pay him?” Does he have a point? Is he right? I did however spend a lot of time and effort with the boy.




This is a very delicate question, which depends on the nuances of what happened. I would advise that the both of you speak to  dayan together. if you need suggestions of who you can talk to over the phone, let me know.

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