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Preventing one from sinning


What does halacha say about preventing one from sinning, for example I’m on a military base in Israel and someone donated a box of razors for shaving, can I or should I quietly take the box and dispose of them?



It is the obligation of every Jew to try an prevent other Jews from sinning, The question is, will sneaking away their razors really prevent them from shaving? They will use other razors, and if they find out that you stole their razors, it will cause them to hate orthodox Jews, which will actually be causing them to sin worse.

What I would suggest would be to be a positive example for them, try to get them interested in their roots, try impressing on them that it is their best interest to do Hashem’s mitzvos. Try to first get them to do some mitzvos that are easy for them, and that they will be able to connect to. Try getting them interested in some of the articles on Hidabroot, and other sites geared for the non-religious, etc. and in this way you will be helping them in a more real way.

Tizku Lmitzvos


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