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Rice Brocha


Hi…..I’m trying to clarify the following questions:
–If rice flour is the second, third, fourth etc. ingredient, what would
be the blessing (eg. water, rice flour, etc.)?
–If rice flour is the first ingredient, but not necessarily 50% or more of the product, would the brocha still be mezonos?
Thanks for your help!




If rice is the second third etc. ingredient then we know that it is not mostly rice, as the company  would have written it as the first ingredient. The exception to this would be water, if water is the first ingredient, the bracha might still be mezonos, as water is considered a tafel to the rice, and wouldn’t establish its bracha.

Additionally, as you write, just because rice is the first ingredient, it does no mean that it is automatically the main one, and that there is 50% or more rice, as it might be because there is 30 percent rice 29 percent of the second ingredient, and 27 percent of the third one. IN such a case the bracha on that product would not be the bracha of the rice rather whichever bracha contains the majority of the ingredients.

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שו”ע או”ח ס’ ר”ח סעי’ ז’ “ואם עירב ממנו בתבשיל אחר והתבשיל האחר הוא הרוב, מברך עליו כברכת אותו תבשיל”.


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