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Immersing pendant in the mikva?


Vintage jewish necklace, 20 + years old, has alot of significance within the making of it. It has: G-ds name carved, Star of David, 1st letters of 10 commandments all in one pendant. Here’s the problem. It had a former owner. The owner wasn’t observant, not even secular. Owner was jewish by blood but an atheist. The owner doesn’t own this item anymore. This pendant could get melted. I denied the offer. It’s too holy for such act. I as baal teshuva would like to own this necklace. In order for it to regain its purity as “new” (not like owned by a former atheist owner), should this pendant be immersed in the mikva water? (to be considered like a fresh new owner).

Thank you.



It is nice that you have such feelings, however there is no need for you to immerse it in the mikva, as that only applies to eating utensils, and only when purchased from a non-Jew. as a side point, It sounds like a nice pendant, but I would be hesitant to buy it. The reason being that since it has G-d’s name engraved on it, it may not be brought into the bathroom. this is called shaimos, that items that have G-d’s holy name, or even holy books are not brought into a bathroom, or other unclean places. It is possible to cover it with a double covering, but you would have to remember to do this every time you want to go into a bathroom, which is difficult. Another concern would be that after you no longer want to wear it, it can not get destroyed, because it has G-d’s holy name on it. Therefore in general being that it is holy, you should rethink if you wnbt to actually buy it.

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