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Proper care of sefarim


Good Evening.

  1. In school I have binders and folders mixed with copies of mefarshim, is it permissible to stack my math stuff on top of it? Is this something to be OCD about?
  2. Also putting a homework sheet, on my chumash while doing it? even if there is no Lashon pusuk..

Thank you :)




You should not be OCD about anything. Regarding your questions:

  1. Being that you are keeping both kadosh and non kadosh items in the binder, there is room to be lenient, that you can keep other things on top of it. As a side point, if you have different papers in the same folder, the chumash and kadosh things should be on top of the other not kadosh papers.
  2. Although there are poskim who discourage this, being that you are using the sefer now for a learning purpose, to do your chumash homework, which is considered learning torah, it is permitted. This would be similar to leaning on a sefer as one is learning in it, since one is using it to help him learn, according to a number of poskim it is permitted.

Best wishes


ע’ בס’ נגזי הקודש פרק ב’ אות ז “מותר להניח ספר על ברכיו”א אך אסור להישען עליו כשמונח על ברכיות אמנם אם הדבר מסייע לו בלימודו מותר להישען ע”ג. והמקור לדבריו הוא מר’ נ. קרליץ ור’ ח. פ. שיינברג זצ”ל.

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