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Kiddush wine


When we do kiddush on Shabbat we usually just drink the minimally required amount, the problem is we have so much leftover wine? What is the best course of action to take to minimize the wasting of the leftover wine? For example can I use that wine for habdallah that night? Can I pour back in to wine bottle? Should I just fill up the cup less, which I have heard is not a proper practice or should I use smaller plastic cups, which also not so proper to use plastic please let me know thanks.




You can pour the leftover wine back into the bottle. the way to do it, is to first pour a little wine from the bottle into the cup, and then pour the leftovers back. The kiddush cup should be filled until the top, as this shows that we are making the bracha and thanking Hashem, that his bounty on us has made us full. as a side point we say kiddush twice on shabbat, at the beginning of the night and the first day meal.

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