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Leftover challah


On Friday night when we make challah our family doesn’t eat a lot of bread. I have 2 young kids and they don’t really eat a ton of it, so after me and my wife have our kezayit there is still a ton of challah left( the large vav shaped ones). Can I reuse that same challah for Saturday meal? Or do I need to use a whole new one?




On Shabbos, by all three meals we have to make hamotzei on two whole loaves. Therefore I would advise that you buy either smaller challas, or a big one and three small rolls, This way, you will have two whole ones for each meal.  as a side point, being that we wash our hands and say the bracha of “al netilas odayim” we should each eat a l’beitza, which is and eggs worth, which is two kzaisim.

Have a good shabbos


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