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Passing gas while wearing Tefillin


What is the Source for the prohibition to pass gas with tefilin on



The idea that one may not wear tefillin wile passing gas, is based on a Gemora Brachos 23a, Succah 43. It is also the ruling of the Rosh 4-1, and is the ruling In the Shulchan Aruch in a number of places including OC:H 25-12, 38-3 (see M:B 13) 42-1, 80-1. The idea behind it, is that when a person wears tefillin, it is as if he is strapping the holy name of Hashem to his physical body, and Hashem’s holy name rests upon a person when he is wearing his tefillin. Passing gas is in a way similar to defecating, which is considered extremely disrespectful to the tefillin, and to the Hashem’s holy name which rests upon the person when he is wearing the tefillin. This is why we don’t wear them at night, we don’t sleep in them, and the reason why children do not wear tefillin until they are bar mitzva, and are capable of controlling themselves to make sure that this doesn’t happen while wearing the tefillin.

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  1. Is there a specific source for the issur of passing gas?

    1. Yes. Look in the gemoras and Shulchan Aruch that are in the answer… unless I didn’t understand your question.

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