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Leftover Oil and Wicks

1) One who pours oil from the bottle into a special chanuka fancy flask: is this considered designation for the mitzvah? Does this oil need to burned after chanukah?

2) Does one need a shamash or can one use a lighter?


1) There is no need to burn this oil. The Shulchan Aruch and poskim only mention wicks/oil that has been actually lit. In fact, the strict halachah will permit oil that was left over after lighting, if the lighting went past the obligatory half an hour. Even if we are stringent for this oil, which was partially lit, there is no need to be stringent for oil that was only designated but not lit: the halachah is that hazmanah lav milsa.

This halachah is ruled by Shalmei Todah (Rabbi Felman) and by Toras Ha-Moadim (Rabbi Yosef).

2) A lighter is fine, provided one lights the extra “shamash” candle next to the chanukah lights.


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