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Shaving Bothering Pubic Hair

Is it permitted for a man to shave his pubic hair if the hair is bothering him, or upon his wife’s request?


It is only permitted to trim pubic hair if there is a medical reason for having to do it, for instance because of a rash or other affliction.

If pubic hairs bothers a person in an aesthetic sense, it will not be permitted to do so — but if it causes itching or rashes etc. it is permitted.

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The Torah prohibits a man from beautifying himself in the manner of women, and it is therefore prohibited to shave one’s body in places that it is the way of women (and not men) to do so.

The Talmud (Nazir 59b) specifies pubic hair and armpit hair as being prohibited for men to trim. According to Rashba (Vol. 4, no. 90; see also Beis Yosef, Yoreh De’ah 181, and Bach 181:8-9), this prohibition applies to the entire body. However, the Rambam (Idolatry Chap. 12:9) writes that the prohibition (in his opinion, rabbinic) applies specifically to places that it is the custom of women alone to shave. This is also the ruling of the Rema (Yoreh De’ah 182).

Yet, although it is forbidden to remove pubic hair for the sake of beautification, it is permitted to do so if one requires this for purpose of medical treatment, or other non-beautifying purposes (see Darchei Moshe, Yoreh De’ah 182, concerning shaving arm-hair for somebody who is ashamed; see also Tosafos, Shabbos 50; Iggros Moshe, Yoreh De’ah 2:61; Seridei Eish Vol. 2, no. 40 — the final two sources refer to the prohibition of coloring one’s hair, and write that it is permitted for non-beauty purposes).

Thus, it is only permitted to trim pubic hair for a purpose other than beautification, which will generally be a medical purpose. A wife’s request will not be a legitimate reason for trimming pubic hair, unless it is causing some concrete disturbance etc.

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  1. This topic was previously discussed here:

    The Question:
    If one’s wife tells him that she would find him more attractive and appealing if he would shave some (not all) of his body hair, is he permitted to do so?


    One should not shave body hair for the purpose of beauty and attractiveness alone. However, if the hair is a cause of shame or disturbance, it is permitted to do so.

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