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Minyan Without Sefer Torah

a group trip is being planned to a place where there is of no orthodox residing community but there will be enough frum men (and then-some) to form a minyan for ourselves, however, (& heres the kicker), with no Sefer Torah.
That being said, when Thursday rolls around, being that there is krias HaTorah, would it be better for me personally NOT to join the already existing minyan of ten people and daven b’yechidus rather than joining the tzibbur where i would b’kum v’assay (proactively) not fulfill the chiyuv that is chal only on the minyan of people, (assuming like most poskim who learn the chiyuv is on the tzibbur and not the yuchid) If i were to daven biyichidus, granted i miss tefillah bitzibur but atleast im not bkum vaseh mivatel a chiyuv that is chal on that minyan of people.
what trumps what?
Thank you!


Whether you are with the tzibbur or not the bitul of Kriyas Hatorah by it’s very nature is not בקום ועשה, rather בשב ואל תעשה. Once you are in a place with no Sefer Torah both the yachid and tzibbur are אונסים and unable to be מקיים Krias Hatorah. This is no reason not make or join a minyan and be מקיים the mitavah of tefilla btzibur, kaddish, kedusha etc.

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