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Employee/Employer Dispute

I am employed by a mosod. i have 2 parts of my job, 1 i work for one division in the mosod and the 2nd i work for other people in the mosod. for 2 reasons i wanted to give up my 2nd part of the job, firstly, they are difficult people. Secondly, i had good reason that for the first job itself, i deserve my pay that i received for both jobs together. I gave in my resignation for the second part, with an email explaining that the reason is, that i deserve a reevaluation, and the outcomes(based on my knowledge and on people in this line) will be as I desire. My ultimate bosses accepted my resignation on the 2nd part of my job, and it took them over 9 months, after i said I am looking into another job, to finally come back to me, that yes I deserve the raise I asked for, but it will only take in effect next fiscal year.
After not hearing from my bosses, i was offered separate pay on the side from the 2nd part of my job 10 weeks work for a dollar amount.

Question #1 if they postponed the reevaluation for 9 months can i have an argument, that this was long overdue, and they said it will take them a while, but 9-10 months, and mostly, the pay raise came due to the fact that they asked the going price in the streets and had they asked this back then, the results would have been the same.
Question #2, after they say that the raise starts next fiscal year, they said that due to the fact that i had already taken pay, based on my understanding that the reevaluation will be as i thought the outcomes will be, they now say that the work I got contracted for, for the 10 weeks, has to be deducted from the pay that i took, because my raise only begins next fiscal year. Had i known it would take them 10 months to get back to me, i would never have given up that work, due to being desperate for money, as i clearly stated in my email. Are they in default or i have no argument at all.

Thanks so much


Although they seem to have been negligent and somewhat non professional in handling this manner, it does not seem that you have any monetary claim for the lost pay. The money you received for the 10 weeks would seem to be earnings outside your contract [once you resigned from that part of the job] and not deductible from the pay. However, as with all monetary disputes, non of this can be veiwed as a ruling in this case at all, for that both sides need to sit with a competent dayan and present their respective sides of the story.

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