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Do children have to be taught to be careful about zman kriyas shema


An 8 yr old boy wants to be makpid on zman kriat shema in the mornings, he thinks it is an obligation.
Is it?

It is hard for the parent to wake him up on time during vacation, he gets upset.

Can a parent tell him that there is no obligation to say it before the zman until he is bar mitzvah?


How fortunate you are that you have a son that has a high level of Yiras Shomayim and even at the young age of 8 he already wants to be careful to say Kriyas Shema on time! Unfortunately there are many adults that don’t realize that it is a mitzva min hatorah to say kriyas shema on time.

Regarding the actual question there are different opinions if a father has an obligation to teach his son to say kriyas shema on time when he is still young, the Shulchan aruch and mishnah berurah both say that although it isn’t an obligation it is the definitely the correct thing to do.

If it is difficult for you as a parent to wake him up maybe get him an alarm clock so he can do it on his own.

Hay you see much nachas from you little talmid chacham



S:A O:C 70-2, M:B ibid 6


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