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dinim of ktamim


I am iy”H turning to a number of sources for clarification about this topic, I would appreciate the view of this site. We follow the psika of R’ Ovadia ztz”l. I have always been taught that ktamim on colored garments (as long as they aren’t very large/ weren’t accompanied by a hargasha) do not make a woman tmeia. I’ve also been taught that ktamim on surfaces that do not receive impurity do not make a woman impure (as long as it wasn’t very large/ wasn’t accompanied by a hargasha). However, recently I’ve heard different rabbanim and other kallah teachers say that when there is a ketem, this is always a situation demanding a sheelat chacham, and just because a stain was found on a colored garment or on something that doesn’t receive tuma, she must ask a question because she might actually be tmeia. What am I missing here? Where is the source for this? In all the sources I’ve learned, I’ve never seen something about this. I asked one Rav, who replied that it’s true, this isn’t written in the books, it’s only written in the books for a moreh horaah. If she’s not tmeia doraita and she’s not tmeia drabanan, why are we going to make her tmeia? I would appreciate a reply very much. Thank you!


Both of you are right. If the ketem is small, then it would be alright, since it is on a colored garment etc. and it would not have to be shown to a rov. However when it gets large, according to some poskim, including R’ Ovadia zt”l, that it would be considered a period, and she would become tmeia. You use the term very large, when it is larger than a gris at what point is it considered very  large? This is something that the Rov will have to decide, if it fits into that category. Also there are times when a ketem is black that according to some poskim it will be considered tameh even if it is less than a gris. Aside from this, it happens often that people makes mistakes regarding the halachot, therefore it is healthier as a general rule that they be shown to a Rov. I would assume that this is what he means.



Yabia Omer – Mayin Omer 7- chap. 1 numbers 42,110,149 Nitei Gavriel 73-17.

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