I used a dairy spoon to put food with meat in it into a dairy bowl. The food was in a meat pan out of which I served myself.

I put the serving spoon on my dairy sink protector and started eating the food with another dairy spoon.

I don’t think any of the stuff was used for dairy or meat in the past 24 hrs


Complicate story. The food is alright to eat, since the spoon and plate weren’t used in the last 24 hrs. the pan is also alright for this reason. The sink protector most probably doesn’t not need koshering because the spoon most probably was not yad soledes when it was put down on the counter. Both spoons and the plate however will need kashering, since they absorbed taste from kli rishon meat. Assuming that the spoons are metal they may be kashered, the plate though would depend on the material that it is made of.

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