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Bracha for LICORICE


Licorice is made from wheat. What is the bracha? Many say SHACHOL.


That is true, it is almost universally accepted among the poskim say to say shehakol on it, because the flour is not there for satiating or for taste, but only as a binder.


Mekor Habracha – Tosefes Bracha 38 brings an opinion of R’ Levy of the OK who says that he spoke to R’ M. Feinstein zt”l and he said that he bracha is mezonos because the flour is there for taste. However other claim that this is only because R’ Moshe asked a certain person to taste it and the person said that he does taste the flour. However see Mekor Habracha ibid that he brings from other candy companies that say that the four is added solely for substance, but not for flavor, as flour is pretty bland. Theefore he paskens to say shehakol on it. Also see Emes L’yackov ftnt. 214, Pnei Hashulchan- Luach Brachos pg. 55, V’sain Bracha pg. 108 and Birur Halacha 19-3(10), Sharei Habracha “לקריץ”- pg.637, Pischie Halacha letter 27.

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