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What is required to create a Gueniza “bor” in our school? (only dig a hole and put all material in-papers from students like tests etc or that is another requirement?)


  1. Since you are only burying books and papers and not tefillin, mezuzahs, sifrei torah, or neviim, you do not have to bury them inside an earthenware jug.
  2. However they should not be put straight into the ground, but should be placed inside a container and preferably plastic bags that won’t disintegrate, and will preserve the shaimos.
  3. Additionally, the “bor” should not be made in a place that will be opened later in a way that the shaimos will be degraded.
  4. The shaimos should be covered preferably with 3 tefachim (24-29 cm.) of earth, but at least a tefach (8-9.6 cm). The main idea is that it should be covered in a way that it will not come to get uncovered and degraded.

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  1. O:CH 154-5, Ginzei Hakodesh Chapter 15-1.
  2. Ginzei Hakodesh Chapter 15- 4.
  3. Ginzei Hakodesh Chapter 15-9
  4. Ginzei Hakodesh Chapter 15-10

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