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Dairy Utensil used to Cook Pareve in Fleishig pot.. with some davar charif as well


I shallow boiled (using a large flat pan and used water in place of oil on the bottom to cook pareve in a meat pan with a dairy utensil used to stir. I am not sure where the dairy utensil is anymore. I had added the pareve and some hot peppers with some juice to give flavor to the food instead of using water. It was not like a totally submerged form of cooking, but more like a cross between cooking and steaming the pareve food in the pan with the juice. I also added quinoa which expands while you cook it.

My question is not what to do regards the pot which I can identify, and the dairy utensil which I can not identify. The food itself is already gone.


It is hard to tell from your question when the utensil was used the mixture. However if the mixture was not spicy at the time that it was mixed either because the spicyness of the peppers got diluted from the mixture or from the cooking, then it is not considered a davar charif and permitted. additionally if he utensils were not used with the last 24 hours, there is more room for leneincy.

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Yoreh Deah 96-2, 3, Pischei Teshuva 96-4. See Hilchos Basar Bchalav Chap. 10 ftnt. 16 in the name of R’ E. Auerbach, R’ T. Weber, R’ M.S.Klein, R’ S.T. Rosenblatt that although we are stringent even if the utensil was used more than 24 hours prior, ( not like the Bais Meir 96-3) however if there are other permitting factors, then we can be leneint.

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