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Shecheyanu on different variety of fruit


I have eaten bananas within the last year. However, there is a special variety of bananas that I have not eaten within the last year. Do I need to make a shecheyanu when eating this special variety? Does the same apply to different varieties of all other fruits and vegetables?


If it has a different name or it tastes significantly different than the regular bananas then according to the Mishna Berura you can make a shechiyanu on it. Others however argue with this, that we don’t make a shehechiyanu on different types of the same fruit. The best thing is to eat it together with something else that you can say shehechiyanu on it.

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See Shulchan Aruch 225-4, M:B 225- 14, Shar Hatzion ibid 17, 18, Aruch Hashulchan 225-9, Birkas Habayis 24 ftnt. 11, Sharei Habracha 20-13.

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