May one carry in a sock on Shabbos in a place that does not have an Eruv?: Specifically medication (insulin and blood meter etc.)
If the answer is yes is that because it is medication or is the answer yes for anything in a sock?
Thank you


We are not allowed to carry outside on Shabbos if there is no eruv. There is a heter, when there is a big need, such as for a sick person, it would be permitted to carry in an abnormal way, such as in your sock, if the area it is being called in is not a reshus horabim (main street) such as a karmelus. The reason for this is called shevius d’shevus bimakom choli. This heter should only be used under the guidance of a Rov, who can determine if the specific circumstances allow it.

Best wishes and a refuah sheleima

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