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Using a pasul sefer torah where there isn’t another one available


In the current situation, many minyanim don’t have a Sefer Torah available to them. A minyan had one, but found several psulim in it. There is not another Sefer Torah available. Does one use the pasul Sefer Torah to continue having krias haTorah l’kavod the minyan, or does the minyan forego the Kriah. The psulim in question were found in 2 different seforim of the Sefer Torah.


Assuming that the pesulim that you are referring to are indeed real pesulim, we can not read from the it with a bracha, however it is a preferred to read from it without a bracha. The Baal Koreh reads the whole Parsha, and the Haftora, however without calling anyone up for an aliya of saying the berachos. He will say half Kaddish after reading, similar to saying Kaddish after learning.

May H-shem help that you should be able to get back to a minyan with a kosher Sefer Torah in a safe way, in the near future,


O:CH 143-3 Rema 143-4, M:B 8, 29, Piskei Teshuvos 143-16 ftnt. 165, !43-5.

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  1. Even though they don’t have a Sefer Torah, they will at least have a “safer Torah” reading because no one will be called up for an Aliya!

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