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Confusion of utensils w/new coated parve electric frying pan


I have a new silicone coated electric frying pan that I used to make something that was for sure large. I had intended to put it away for Pesach but then used it instead to make a parve meaI. I used a utensil to remove the food but do not remember if it was a fleishig or milchig silicone utensil or a plastic fork previously used for fleishig that had been washed. Whichever utensil it was I don’t know if it was rested for 24 hrs or not. The pan was new but since I can’t remember I was going to give it to a gentile. Before I give it away I want to be sure it is necessary to do so. Since I can’t remember the details what is the status of the pan? Of the silicone spatulas that might have been involved?


Thank you for your question.

The general rule when someone uses a utensil, and doesn’t know if it was indeed used within the last 24 hrs. is that we say that most utensils were not used within the last 24 hrs., therefore we consider it as if it was not used. That being the case the frying pan can still be used for pareve, and we will not consider it to be milchig or fleishig. Therefore you can continue using your frying pan for pareve.  I don’t understand the significance of the fact that you wanted originally to use it or Pesach.

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